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Students write about helping others, animals, pets

POSTED: November 28, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Help put an end to animal abuse

Dear Editor:  
I think animal abuse is a terrible thing! Different kinds of animals are abused each day. The most common animals that are abused are the animals that are our pets. Dogs and cats are the animals abused most often. There is no reason to abuse an animal. They have feelings and they are kind and loving. Animals share a lot of the same aspects that we do. 

When animals are put in the wrong hands something usually happens to it. The animals are either abused, dumped off somewhere, or dropped off at a shelter. Animals don’t want to be abused, the same way people don’t. Animal abuse is wrong all around and it’s happening everywhere. Over 40 million animals are being killed each year! Please help stop animal abuse — it’s wrong!  

Madison Daughdrill
SEMS student


Owning a dog requires responsibility

Dear Editor:
Have you ever wondered why so many dogs are seen wandering the neighborhood?  Is it because people feel that their dog loves the outdoors and just want them to be happy, or is it because the owners are too lazy to care?  In my case, the owners were extremely lazy. So lazy, they let their fully-grown pit bull wander the neighborhood. Little did they know that their “under control” pit bull “accidentally” got out and roamed the neighborhood.

My dog always kept watch at the window to keep him out of our yard. She was 50 pounds of fluff and fury when he came to the front window. You could hear the threatening growling and barking all over the neighborhood. The bug screen on our window was smashed and bent in when we got home. That day, the pit bull’s owner got an earful and our little fluff ball was treated like a hero. Let’s just hope that the owner learns that a dog equals responsibility.

Sarah Lynn Bowser
SEMS student


Raising funds to help provide clean food, water

Dear Editor:
My church, Crossroads, is doing a project called Water for Rwanda.  Last Sunday our pastor George Pabst said that we had raised $1,500. We are working to earn $3,000 to build a well in Africa.

Mr. George says that most of the diseases in Africa are from unclean and impure food and water, so they don’t get much food or water at all!

We are 50 percent done toward reaching our goal. The way we earn our money is that we go home with an empty bottle. When it is full of change you turn it in to Mr. George and he puts it in the bank. When we reach the full $3,000 we will send it to Africa. It’s that easy.

Over all, I just want to say thank you to Mr. George and all of Crossroads for helping these people we don’t even know. So thank you! All of you!

Macy Floyd
SEMS student


Raising funds for Ronald McDonald House

Dear Editor:
I’m student at South Effingham; I go to a church called I.W.C. or International Worship Center. My youth group is collecting tabs and supplies like dish soap and other products for the Ronald McDonald House. We plan on taking a trip there, but before we do we need to collect more supplies.

For those who don’t know what this foundation is, it is a home for families from out of town who have premature babies or very sick children. It is a great organization. If you want to help you can bring supplies and can tabs to my church. The church is located on Highway 80 toward Eden. When you get there ask for Pastor David — he will be glad to take the donations.

Thank you,
Courtney Hall
SEMS student 


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